IntelliTrack Helps MCI|AST Reach New Levels of Productivity

inventory management software

MCI|AST provides big companies like Hitachi with customized service solutions to streamline operations at their manufacturing facilities, but they recently found themselves needing a customized solution of their own. They’ve expanded rapidly in recent years, and they needed an updated inventory management system to help them meet the growing demands of their customers. After all, … Read more

Medical Response for the Diplomatic Corps Digitizes Inventory and Patient Tracking with IntelliTrack

Background Headquartered in Albania with mission locations in Kosovo, Kenya and South Sudan, the Medical Response for the Diplomatic Corps (MRDC) was established in 2004 as a joint action of the United Nation, World Bank and World Health Organization. The international organization provides not-for-profit medical services to diplomats and internationals, raising funds to support humanitarian … Read more

Improved Operations Help Provide an Idyllic Vacation Spot for Thousands of Visitors

Pier and building at dusk on Jekyll Island, Georgia.

The Organization Jekyll Island, Georgia boasts natural beauty and a vibrant history. In 1947, the Georgia state legislature established this coastal gem as a state park. In 1950, Georgia’s governor created the Jekyll Island Authority (JIA), a self-supporting state agency that is dedicated to preserving Jekyll Island’s past, present, and future. The Jekyll Island Authority … Read more