Have You Analyzed Your Inventory Lately?


It’s no secret that your inventory investment can have a direct impact on your small business’s cash flow and profit. Having too much on hand could see you getting stuck with inventory that won’t sell, yet having too little can lead to shortages and unhappy customers. It’s a delicate balancing act that can be hard … Read more

Prevent Overwhelming Your Startup by Doing these Two Things


No matter how popular your startup may be initially, there is still a chance of failure. Surprisingly, overwhelming popularity can actually hurt your startup’s prosperity. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to two things when planning and developing your start up so that “good buzz”, does not hurt your new business. After all, if … Read more

Top Three Troublesome Issues Most Retailers Will Experience


No matter what type of retail company you have, there are some common issues that can really impact your profitability—and you might not even realize it. Here is a look at three important issues you should stay on top of to keep your business running smoothly. Inventory Systems Proper inventory management is essential to keeping … Read more

How Can Small Businesses Avoid Excess Inventory?


One of the most difficult aspects of business that startups struggle with is getting inventory just right. Having enough inventory to meet demand may be vital, but having too much can spell the end of your business. Even big companies like Microsoft and H&M fall into this trap from time to time, so how can … Read more