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Your Included Tracking Workflows


  • Physical Counts
    More info about Physical Counts
  • Bin to Bin Movement
    Capture and validate movement of material within your stockroom, supply area, or warehouse.
  • Stock Receipts
    Simple "blind" receipt of inventory, increasing your on-hand quantity, leveraging either your browser application, or the IntelliTrack mobile app, that can capture data from barcodes or RFID tags.
  • Stock Issues
    Simple "blind" issue of inventory, decreasing your on-hand quantity, leveraging either your browser application, or the IntelliTrack Mobile App, that can capture data from barcodes or RFID tags.
  • Stock Returns
    Return of unneeded inventory, crediting original consumer.
  • Paperless Receiving
    Receive inbound material against pre-defined PO's/receiving orders and validate all aspects of the receipt process electronically, without paper.
  • Paperless Picking
    Picking outbound material against pre-defined sales orders/picking orders and validate all aspects of the picking process electronically, without paper.
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  • Asset Audits
    Perform a periodic audit of assets existence and location with reconciliation using a mobile computer that can capture data from barcodes or RFID tags.
  • Room to Room Movement
    Capture and validate the movement of assets within your organization.
  • Asset Chain of Custody
    Formal check out/in process to assign assets to designated assignees.
  • Short-Term Asset Deployment
    Formal check out/in process to assign assets to designated assignees with due backdate.
  • Rapid Check Out/ln Asset Deployment
    Hands-free check out/in web portal with touchscreen support.
  • Disposition of Assets
    Asset disposition tracking
  • Reservation of Assets
    Reserve and allocate assets for future use.
  • Maintenance and Calibration
    Track maintenance and calibration schedules for assets.
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  • Room-to-Room Movement
    Capture and validate package movement within your organization.
  • Package Receipt
    Package receipt via desktop or mobile app that can capture data from barcodes or RFID tags.
  • Package Delivery
    Package delivery via desktop or mobile app that can capture data from barcodes or RFID tags.
  • Package Chain of Custody
    Perform package delivery and capture a digital signature.
  • Decode Carrier Information
    Automated tracking number analysis to determine carrier based on tracking number format.
  • Package Disposition
    Package disposition tracking with security role validation.
  • Package Attributes
    Optional package attribute tracking.
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One platform for all your tracking needs.

  • Item and Asset Tracking
  • Package Tracking
  • RFID Tracking
  • Serial Number/Lot/Expiration Date Tracking
  • Transaction History Tracking
  • Global Accessibility
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Notification
  • Custom Titles
  • Page Data Filtering
  • Multiple Unit of Measure Support
  • Import-Export Utility
  • Role-Based Security
  • Plugin Host Utility
  • Data Label Printing
  • Report Designer
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Continuous Updates
  • Consumer Device Support
  • Multiple Division Support
  • Fast, Friendly Support

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Our team will work with you to set up a free trial account so that you can take our IntelliTrack® platform for a “test drive” and explore the many features and benefits that the system can offer your organization. Our free trial account last for 30 days and during this time, you have access to work with one of our account managers to ask questions and determine the best setup and configuration of workflows to support the needs of your organization.

Our system supports concurrent user licensing. The number of licenses that you subscribe to determines the number of users who can access your account at the same time. This is also referred to as “seat” licensing. It's common for customers to have one group of internal users who require full time access to the system and another group who only need occasional access to the system. The latter group can share one or more licenses (as needed) and help keep the overall licensing costs down. It’s good to think about the following when determining the number of licenses you will need: "how many people will need to access the system at the same time?" The last part of this question, "at the same time," is very important as it determine the number of licenses you should request. You can easily add additional licenses at any point.

Absolutely, we’re here to help! Any questions you may have, please reach out to us by calling 1.888.583.3008 or emailing us at We also have fully integrated online help available for self-guided answers that you can explore and use as needed.

Workflows within IntelliTrack enable you to meet your specific tracking needs. At a high-level, workflows fall into one of three main categories: Inventory, Assets, and Mailroom. While every IntelliTrack® account comes with the ability to access all of the workflows we offer, you can tailor your account (or a specific user account) to only have access to a specific workflow if you like. This is accomplished using our comprehensive user and role management functionality. Contact us today and we can help tailor your account workflows as needed.

We understand that not everyone can complete a demo or trial within the standard 30-day window. We are happy to extend your trail/demo account on a case by case basis. Simply call and ask to speak with your IntelliTrack Regional Account Manager and we’ll work with you to extend your trial/demo period.

Just give us call (1.888.583.3008) or email us ( and we’ll work to get you everything you need to begin using IntelliTrack® today! We can provide details on pricing, discuss hardware options, and include our IntelliTrack Simple Start package, which includes all the services you need to get up and running quickly and easily! Visit our blog to read more… or visit our training page and watch how you can Make the Most out of IntelliTrack.