Customer Quotes

Intellitrack’s Customer Service is Excellent.

What really attracted me to IntelliTrack was the software’s tremendous flexibility and the company’s willingness to adapt to the needs of our organization. Our clinic operates significantly faster and more efficiently now that our processes are digitized, benefiting not only our staff but also our patients who so desperately need access to quality medical care.

Charles Linderman, M.D. General Director of MRDC

My co-worker and I are very satisfied with the speed and accuracy of this new software and scanner. It is very easy to use, which was a selling feature for us. You really can’t mess things up because all you can do is scan a package as incoming or delivered. That made training my co-worker much easier. I think overall we are happy that we made the move from manually entering data to the electronic version.

Karen Gabora Support Assistant

Since using IntelliTrack®, we now know every item we have, and where it’s located. Everything we’ve needed to get done, they have done for us, including customizing a solution just for our needs.

Joe McGuckin Diamond International Galleries

IntelliTrack tech support people are fantastic. They were able to customize file formats so a keyword search could find items in different sites or with different shows. They developed a function to ensure confidentiality when there are multiple customers accessing ISRP. The entire program is intuitive, user friendly and easy to understand.

Paul May