Shipping Only Certain Goods Internationally


Last week, we shared with you some of our top tips for navigating the international shipping waters, but what if you still can’t make it work for all the products you offer? Let’s take a look at some shipping tips for those businesses that are only sending selected products internationally. Perhaps the logistics are simply … Read moreShipping Only Certain Goods Internationally

Improve Multichannel with Better Inventory Control


Increasingly high consumer expectations have led to the need for better inventory control. Consumers expect what they want to be in stock and be delivered quickly, on time, and for free. How can multichannel operations keep up? With automated inventory management software, of course! A recent article from Retail Logistics International, by Greg Henry, vice … Read moreImprove Multichannel with Better Inventory Control

IntelliTrack® Now Integrates with Shopify!

shopify integration

IntelliTrack® customers can rejoice! We’ve recently created a Shopify integration for our inventory management software. What does this Mean for You? Integration with the Shopify platform allows for real-time, accurate inventory tracking within one seamless system. With the Shopify plug-in, customers can easily pull data from their Shopify eCommerce site and fulfill those orders using … Read moreIntelliTrack® Now Integrates with Shopify!