3 Tips for Getting the Online Post-Purchase Experience Right


Online shopping is bitterly competitive, and retailers are always looking for new ways to set themselves apart from pack. While many are focused on how to attract customers with the flashiest website and best products, there’s another area that often gets overlooked that could have a big impact on your bottom line—the post-purchase experience If … Read more

E-Commerce Places Different Demands On Reverse Logistics

As e-commerce continues to enjoy immense popularity, reverse logistics expenses are starting to have significant impact on businesses. According a report by the National Retail Federation, almost half of all retailers offer customers free return shipping. An increasing number of companies are allowing customers to return products through any buying channel, and all of these … Read more

Scalable Solutions For Reverse Logistics That Think Outside Of The Box

Customers return merchandise to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars every year, and most of these items cannot go back on the shelf for a variety of reasons. As more and more businesses relax their return policies to remain competitive, reverse logistics is becoming more challenging than ever. Companies are looking for new … Read more

Indian Logistics Startups Diversifying To Boost Revenue

Many Indian logistics startups are now seeking new ways to boost their revenue as poor unit economics mean that they are struggling to stay afloat from e-commerce clients alone. Logistics providers such as Shadowfax Technologies, GoJavas, and Opinio get the bulk of their business from grocery and food deliveries, which offer very thin margins. That … Read more