Improve Multichannel with Better Inventory Control


Increasingly high consumer expectations have led to the need for better inventory control. Consumers expect what they want to be in stock and be delivered quickly, on time, and for free. How can multichannel operations keep up? With automated inventory management software, of course! A recent article from Retail Logistics International, by Greg Henry, vice … Read more

Making Last-Mile Delivery Easier on Valentine’s Day

last-mile delivery

Retailers only get a short post-holiday reprieve before Valentine’s Day rolls around. Preparing for yet another occasion full of gifts, celebrations, and cards is a big task that begins surprisingly early. One thing that makes planning delivery routes for Valentine’s Day a lot more complicated is the fact that consumers have been waiting longer and … Read more

Experts Predict 2018 Retail Trends

2018 Retail Trends

2017 brought a lot of interesting developments in retail, and this year looks set to be equally transformative. In the National Retail Federation’s Magazine, STORES, Editor Susan Reda recently shared her predictions for the industry for this year. She says there is no doubt that a transformation is underway, with digital retail and physical stores … Read more

How Small Businesses Can Master Online Retail

For small retailers, going digital can seem daunting, but it’s quickly becoming a necessity if you want to remain competitive. Just look at the data from Gartner showing that American CIOs expect their firms’ digital revenues to climb from 16 to 37 percent in the next five years if you want to see how essential … Read more