Two Tips for Saving on Shipping Costs You Can’t Afford to Overlook

Shipping costs can represent a significant expense for many businesses, and it’s often the first place companies look when trying to trim costs. To make sure you are saving, here are a few approaches that you might not have considered. Merge Packing and Shipping Stations Are you using separate stations for packing and shipping in … Read more

Improve Multichannel with Better Inventory Control


Increasingly high consumer expectations have led to the need for better inventory control. Consumers expect what they want to be in stock and be delivered quickly, on time, and for free. How can multichannel operations keep up? With automated inventory management software, of course! A recent article from Retail Logistics International, by Greg Henry, vice … Read more

Logistics Advice for Small Businesses from Experienced Entrepreneurs


Running a small business requires a lot of hard work and time, but one area that can take many entrepreneurs by surprise is the complexity of supply chain logistics. Here is some valuable advice from entrepreneurs who have navigated these challenging waters and emerged victorious. Washington-based Liberty Bottlework’s co-founder, Tim Andis, said that customizing the … Read more

How Can Small Businesses Reduce Pick Error Rates?

Small Businesses Reduce Pick Errors

Order fulfillment plays a huge role in a business’s reputation from a customer’s point of view. It’s the final link in the supply chain, and customers are generally not too forgiving when an order is incorrect or it arrives damaged or late. When everything runs smoothly and the right items arrive on time, on the … Read more