Shipping is an Essential Component of Customer Experience


As more and more companies are breaking into e-commerce, one aspect that sets the winners apart is a good customer experience. This involves every interaction between the customer and the business, from the pre-sale phase to the communications after the purchase, and it needs to form a vital part of your strategy. If you have … Read more

Plan Ahead for Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

The rise of e-commerce is great for your small business, but along with the increase in sales comes a greater number of returns as well. If you’re focusing on sales at the expense of reverse logistics, you could end up seeing your hard-won customers heading elsewhere. If you need any more proof of the importance … Read more

How Can Small Businesses Compete With Retail Giants on Shipping?

Shipping Price

Many consumers automatically head to Amazon first when they’re looking to buy something online. Its shipping is reliable and very cheap—and for many people, it’s included in their Prime subscription. How can smaller businesses make inroads in this seemingly impenetrable environment? Experts acknowledge it’s a tricky situation, especially because the bigger retailers tend to enjoy … Read more

How Small Businesses Can Prepare for Black Friday Shipping

Prepare for Black Friday Shipping with Inventory Management

Noting record-breaking sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is great news for any small business, but shipping out all those orders can be a nightmare if you’re not prepared. That’s why it is important to take a look at your current inventory management processes and make some adjustments in anticipation of the hottest shopping … Read more