Taking Stock: Why More Retailers Than Ever Are Using Inventory Management Technology

When you see a list like this that ranks inventory management as the fourth most popular technology being used in retail, it means it’s time to take notice. Of course, there’s no single reason that inventory management is so widely-used across retail, but one thing is absolutely undeniable: it’s an irreplaceable asset to any retailer. … Read more

4 Essential Components of Sound E-Commerce Logistics Management


Management is an important part of every business, but nowhere is this more crucial than in the case of e-commerce. Effective logistics management is essential in every step of e-commerce. Here’s a look at four essential components of solid e-commerce logistics management. Product Sourcing Whether you make your products yourself or you’re getting them from … Read more

Order Fulfillment Options for Small Businesses

Order fulfillment can be a very complex undertaking that encompasses every activity that is involved in shipping goods to customers. It starts with receiving shipments and entails sorting stock, shelving inventory for picking, picking orders, checking orders for accuracy, labeling packages for shipment before sending them out, and tracking the packages to their final destination. … Read more

IntelliTrack® Now Integrates with Shopify!

shopify integration

IntelliTrack® customers can rejoice! We’ve recently created a Shopify integration for our inventory management software. What does this Mean for You? Integration with the Shopify platform allows for real-time, accurate inventory tracking within one seamless system. With the Shopify plug-in, customers can easily pull data from their Shopify eCommerce site and fulfill those orders using … Read more