IntelliTrack Helps MCI|AST Reach New Levels of Productivity

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MCI|AST provides big companies like Hitachi with customized service solutions to streamline operations at their manufacturing facilities, but they recently found themselves needing a customized solution of their own. They’ve expanded rapidly in recent years, and they needed an updated inventory management system to help them meet the growing demands of their customers. After all, … Read more

Why “The More the Merrier” Doesn’t Apply to Inventory


No one can deny that running out of stock is bad for business. Not only does it result in lost revenue and missed sales opportunities, but it can also cost a company its customers – sometimes permanently. You might be tempted to think that the answer is keeping more inventory in stock, but it’s not … Read more

Sustainable Energy Solutions Provider Migrates Equipment with Asset Tracking

asset tracking

Tracking to the Cloud with IntelliTrack® Assets Web-based asset tracking solution streamlines distribution of mission critical equipment and simplifies system maintence for IT staff. Background A global provider of clean, sustainable energy solutions designs and manufactures one of the most widely used families of industrial gas turbines for electric power generation, natural gas transmission, and … Read more

Highlighting Technology Use to Attract Millennials to Manufacturing

With Millennials poised to surpass Baby Boomers as the biggest generation with a workforce that currently exceeds 53 million, manufacturing needs to start taking steps to ensure its jobs appeal to this group. Estimates show that 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will be needed in the next ten years, and more than half of these – … Read more