Boost Your Inventory Management With These 3 Tips

Inventory management is a balancing game. It’s easy to see the potential problems that can arise when you don’t keep enough inventory; customers who can’t find what they’re looking for will simply head to your competition, and it’s anybody’s guess as to whether they’ll ever return. At the same time, however, having too much inventory … Read more

Easier On Everyone: How to Convince Your Boss to Try IntelliTrack®

Look, everyone wants their job to be easier. No matter if you’re talking about the employee or the employer, when the job is easier and more manageable, more gets done and people are happier. It’s really that simple. But when it comes to inefficient inventory management, especially old school pen and paper style, everything can … Read more

Using IntelliTrack for Shopify

Fulfill your Shopify orders and keep better track of inventory without the extra steps by using IntelliTrack® for Shopify. This integration enables you to share inventory tracking and order processing seamlessly across the two platforms. Share order data Easily transfer information on open unfulfilled orders, carriers, and shipping details. As Shopify generates customer data at … Read more

How RAIN RFID is transforming supply chain

Last week, we introduced RAIN RFID, the newest feature release within IntelliTrack. With up to 15x improved cycle count times, scan range from 10 feet away, and 1,000 tags read in a single second, this technology is rapidly transforming the supply chain. Aside from being more flexible and secure than other scanning technologies, here’s how … Read more