Should Your eCommerce Business Outsource Order Fulfillment?


The process of order fulfillment might seem simple on the surface, but it’s actually far more involved than most people realize when they click to confirm their order. It encompasses all of the activities that go into shipping products to the customers who order them, and there’s a lot that goes into the process. For … Read more

Improve Multichannel with Better Inventory Control


Increasingly high consumer expectations have led to the need for better inventory control. Consumers expect what they want to be in stock and be delivered quickly, on time, and for free. How can multichannel operations keep up? With automated inventory management software, of course! A recent article from Retail Logistics International, by Greg Henry, vice … Read more

Identifying Exceptions Gives Organizations an Edge

The supply chain is currently experiencing a big push back, and this can be seen everywhere from B2B customers demanding tailored packaging to big retailers like Amazon moving toward direct customer fulfillment. Throw in penalties for late shipments, and it’s easy to see how productivity and profitability are starting to take some big hits. The … Read more