Making Small Business Inventory Management Work

small business inventory management

One of those unpleasant, but very necessary, tasks that all businesses must deal with is inventory management. Any small business that has lost a customer because items were out of stock, or lost money because of excess stock, understands just how essential sound inventory management is. When inventory management is done correctly, a business will … Read more

Are You Making These Common Inventory Management Mistakes?

Five Common Inventory Mistakes

Proper inventory management is essential, so take a look at your current processes and see if you’re making one of these five common mistakes. 1. Unqualified workers are managing your inventory: Because this job is so important, you need to ensure you have the right people in charge of it. Hiring a professional inventory manager … Read more

Tips for Ecommerce Cycle Time Management

Consumers are growing increasingly impatient when it comes to delivery times. While 28 days was once a readily accepted delivery time in the days of TV shopping channels, next-day delivery is the new norm, and same-day delivery could very well soon eclipse it. Retailers that want to appease this growing body of customers who want … Read more

Supply Chain Management Taking A Huge Step Forward Thanks To Big Data And Analytics

Despite the many useful applications for big data and analytics in supply chain management, most businesses have been reluctant to get on board until recently, continuing to focus on areas such as manufacturing and marketing instead. Now, inventory management, transportation logistics, and forecasting are all taking advantage of the new applications that can analyze unstructured … Read more