Maximize Opportunities with Channel Data Management Solutions

Supply Chains

Despite the tremendous advances in technology in recent years, some aspects of complex supply chains remain difficult to monitor to the extent that many businesses would like. One particularly challenging area has been understanding products that are sold via indirect channels. Channel data management (CDM) solutions for supply chains are one way to help mitigate … Read more

Data Governance in the Hybrid Cloud Environment

Even though many companies are making the move to cloud applications, most of them are still heavily invested in on-premise operational applications. Even companies that plan to jump headfirst into the cloud end up using hybrid cloud/on-premise data management for a number of practical reasons. They might begin by instituting a cloud application for HR … Read more

Data Management Will Determine a Company’s Future Relevancy

Most businesses are used to dealing with assets like equipment, inventory, property, plants and even intellectual property. However, now they must all contend with a new type of asset that is proving to be tricky to navigate: data. While data itself is nothing new, the sheer amount of it that is suddenly available is unprecedented. … Read more