3 Tips for Getting the Online Post-Purchase Experience Right


Online shopping is bitterly competitive, and retailers are always looking for new ways to set themselves apart from pack. While many are focused on how to attract customers with the flashiest website and best products, there’s another area that often gets overlooked that could have a big impact on your bottom line—the post-purchase experience If … Read more

Shipping is an Essential Component of Customer Experience


As more and more companies are breaking into e-commerce, one aspect that sets the winners apart is a good customer experience. This involves every interaction between the customer and the business, from the pre-sale phase to the communications after the purchase, and it needs to form a vital part of your strategy. If you have … Read more

Shipping Doesn’t Have to be Out of Your Control


Ensuring a great customer experience requires a lot of hard work. Some factors are under your control, like giving your store the right atmosphere and going out of your way to make customers feel valued. Others, however, are harder for you to control – like shipping. It can be scary to have such an important … Read more

Shipment Visibility Key Part of Retail Customer Experience Equation

Retailers can do everything in their power to provide excellent service and top-quality goods to consumers, but as these items move further and further away from them on their journey to the customer, they must hand over control to carriers, and last-mile delivery presents a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong. Customers expect … Read more