Sustainable Energy Solutions Provider Migrates Equipment with Asset Tracking

asset tracking

Tracking to the Cloud with IntelliTrack® Assets Web-based asset tracking solution streamlines distribution of mission critical equipment and simplifies system maintence for IT staff. Background A global provider of clean, sustainable energy solutions designs and manufactures one of the most widely used families of industrial gas turbines for electric power generation, natural gas transmission, and … Read more

How the IoT Can Help Create Smart Warehouses

How the Internet of Things is Helping to Create Smart Warehouses

Warehouses have become so much more than places to store inventory. The modern smart warehouse, when equipped properly, can play a vital role in improving the efficiency of the entire supply chain. According to the Zebra Technologies Warehouse Vision Study, 70 percent of decision makers are planning to increase their use of technology to put … Read more

Asset Tracking Software Vital for Medical Equipment

It is common practice for medical equipment makers to supply dealers with demo equipment that can be given to clinics and patients in order to test out. The dealers then evaluate how well a particular piece of equipment meets a client’s needs, offering them a different piece of demo equipment or changing out components if … Read more

Blackberry To Launch New, Affordable Asset-Tracking System For Truck Fleets

Truck fleets are set to get a big operational boost thanks to a new asset-tracking system that is being launched by BlackBerry. The Ontario-based smartphone manufacturer, which used to be known as Research in Motion Ltd, says its new system will help trucking companies as well as private fleet operators at a very accessible price. … Read more