Experts Predict 2018 Retail Trends

2018 Retail Trends

2017 brought a lot of interesting developments in retail, and this year looks set to be equally transformative. In the National Retail Federation’s Magazine, STORES, Editor Susan Reda recently shared her predictions for the industry for this year. She says there is no doubt that a transformation is underway, with digital retail and physical stores … Read more

Why is Amazon Opening Physical Stores While Everyone Else is Closing Them?

With all the recent talk about online shopping displacing going to brick-and-mortar outlets, some people might question why the company largely responsible for spurring this shift, Amazon, is so interested in expanding its reach in the physical store realm. Amazon currently has a number of brick-and-mortar projects in the works, even as retailers like Kohl’s … Read more

Is Free Shipping Truly “Free”?

Amazon quickly set itself apart by offering customers free shipping on certain orders. Even though they racked up some big net losses, they still managed to come out on top, and the move has had the added effect of influencing customer expectations. Now, consumers are increasingly demanding that ecommerce companies offer free shipping, but everyone … Read more

Amazon’s Strong Influence On Logistics Continues

It’s no secret that Amazon is an e-commerce heavy hitter, with its unparalleled choice of products, strong customer service, and lightning-fast delivery. Forrester Research found that the retail giant was responsible for 60 percent of the country’s online sales growth last year, so it’s no surprise that its influence can be seen in the way … Read more