Retailers Missing Opportunities in Same-Day Delivery

Retailers that are looking to keep up with Amazon need to ramp up their delivery services. With 89 percent of shoppers defining fast delivery as being within two days, instant gratification is being the norm rather than the exception. Even though Amazon is the clear leader in same-day delivery services, there is still plenty of … Read more

Amazon’s Prime Air Takes to the Sky


Amazon now has a foot firmly in the air cargo space as its Prime Air planes take to the sky. The firm has leased 40 jets for its new cargo service, which was ostensibly put in place to help meet the delivery demand over the holiday period. Records show that its planes are flying almost … Read more

How Amazon is Transforming Supply Chain Management

What started out as an unassuming online bookstore has now become the undisputed leader in retail. Amazon is one of the biggest success stories of the modern retail era, and its supply chain management philosophy has been instrumental in making sure it brings products to millions of people around the world in record speeds at … Read more

Could Amazon Transform the Logistics Industry?

For a number of years now, Amazon has been so much more than merely an online bookstore. As the firm has evolved, it has developed highly efficient ways of getting things done. Rather than reserving these services for in-house use, their philosophy has generally been to then offer these services to the public, and it’s … Read more