Breaking into Logistics Won’t Be Easy for E-tailers


Experts believe that legacy logistics providers will maintain the stronghold they have on shipping and delivery. While e-commerce companies like Amazon are considered to be important partners to such firms, they will not be serious challengers in the short term. Retailers are trying to stay on top of the current surge in digital shopping. It … Read more

Amazon’s Strong Influence On Logistics Continues

It’s no secret that Amazon is an e-commerce heavy hitter, with its unparalleled choice of products, strong customer service, and lightning-fast delivery. Forrester Research found that the retail giant was responsible for 60 percent of the country’s online sales growth last year, so it’s no surprise that its influence can be seen in the way … Read more

“On Demand” Delivery Service Becomes A Reality For Amazon

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wants on-demand delivery service for every product you can buy on the popular website. He’d like to lease a fleet of jets and employ drone delivery to get packages to customers in as little time as possible. The world’s biggest e-commerce outlet would like to control its own deliveries with a … Read more

Ignoring Logistics Efficiency Can Sink a Manufacturer

Even though manufacturing and logistics have traditionally gone hand in hand, the changing marketplace is leaving a lot of manufacturers who stick to the old ways struggling to keep up with the competition. One of the best ways for manufacturers to slash their overall costs is to make sure their logistics processes are as efficient … Read more