How Can Small Businesses Compete With Retail Giants on Shipping?

Shipping Price

Many consumers automatically head to Amazon first when they’re looking to buy something online. Its shipping is reliable and very cheap—and for many people, it’s included in their Prime subscription. How can smaller businesses make inroads in this seemingly impenetrable environment? Experts acknowledge it’s a tricky situation, especially because the bigger retailers tend to enjoy … Read more

Retailers Missing Opportunities in Same-Day Delivery

Retailers that are looking to keep up with Amazon need to ramp up their delivery services. With 89 percent of shoppers defining fast delivery as being within two days, instant gratification is being the norm rather than the exception. Even though Amazon is the clear leader in same-day delivery services, there is still plenty of … Read more

UPS, Amazon Approaching Drone Delivery In Unique Ways

Some observers have been quick to brush off the idea of delivering packages to consumers by drone, but several companies are seriously considering such an option, chief among them Amazon, UPS, Domino’s, and Walmart. While Amazon is the name that most people tend to associate with the concept, there are no indications that they will … Read more

“On Demand” Delivery Service Becomes A Reality For Amazon

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wants on-demand delivery service for every product you can buy on the popular website. He’d like to lease a fleet of jets and employ drone delivery to get packages to customers in as little time as possible. The world’s biggest e-commerce outlet would like to control its own deliveries with a … Read more