3PLs That Keep Up With The Changing Logistics Industry Can Help Make Supply Chains Seamless

The third-party logistics industry is noting a period of great change as the American economy rebounds. 3PLs are currently facing a number of challenges, such as the omnipresence of technology and the shortage of truck drivers. As such, many 3PLs are scrambling to streamline their processes so that they can remain competitive. It is now … Read more

Merchant Shippers Find Surprising Benefits With 3pls

While many merchant shippers like to keep fulfillment in house and under their control, there are many benefits to be gained by using a 3PL partner. The MCM Outlook Survey found that 3PL use is growing in popularity but only slightly, and it is still far from the norm. In 2015, 21.2 percent of respondents … Read more

Ignoring Logistics Efficiency Can Sink a Manufacturer

Even though manufacturing and logistics have traditionally gone hand in hand, the changing marketplace is leaving a lot of manufacturers who stick to the old ways struggling to keep up with the competition. One of the best ways for manufacturers to slash their overall costs is to make sure their logistics processes are as efficient … Read more