WMS Helps Frey Electric Achieve Significant Materials Savings

The Organization

Frey Electric, Inc. is a Cincinnati, Ohio based electrical contracting firm with the expertise to serve the needs of individual, corporate and institutional clients. It presently employs over 50 qualified people in the field. Its management team has electrical expertise in home, office, retail and warehousing/manufacturing sites. The company is well versed in fire alarm systems, lighting design and service. Currently, Frey Electric has a license in the State of Ohio as an electrical contractor and fire alarm installer, and in the State of Kentucky as an electrical contractor.

The Challenge

Frey Electric, Inc. spends a healthy portion of its annual sales on material costs. Nearly one third of the money brought in goes towards buying inventory. Company President John Frey said “we felt that 30% of our revenue was too high, we now have the capability to daily monitor our job costs for missed extras, material shrinkage and peak usage of material.”

The Solution

It didn’t take long for the company to find a solution. Dexter+Chaney, the maker of Forefront® Construction Management Software, referred them to IntelliTrack, Inc. Another Dexter+Chaney client, Michigan based Parkway Electric, was already using IntelliTrack software in conjunction with Forefront®. Frey Electric Inc. wanted to make sure that the data tracking software they acquired could be integrated with their existing accounting software and they knew from Parkway’s use of our software that it would meet that requirement.

Frey currently uses the warehouse management software only to post materials going out to a job directly to their accounting software. However, in the very near future, the company plans to use IntelliTrack WMS for procuring materials as well. They have four Symbol Pocket PC handheld scanners and use a Zebra TLP 2844 barcode printer for making labels.

The Results

Before implementing the IntelliTrack software, all inventory tracking was done by hand then manually entered into Forefront®.

Now, with the help of IntelliTrack WMS, the company has seen significant savings in its material costs.

Despite a drastic rise in the price of materials, Frey has still seen a 3% drop in inventory costs in the first 6 months of 2006. If their material costs had remained at the same level as 2005, these savings would have been nearly 10% of the entire annual income.