Warehouse Management Software Reduces Errors for FME Inc.

The Organization

FME has been providing parts, supplies and equipment for the document printing industry since 1969. They are a comprehensive source for customers’ printing requirements offering not only the day to day supplies but a full line of document printing equipment.

The Challenge

FME realized that it was losing around $30,000 annually during inventory time. Inventory was taking much too long to finish, sometimes as long as two weeks, as it was done by hand and memory.

Sometimes workers depended on little more than luck to find an item.

The Solution

Vice President of Operations William J. Greene Sr. found IntelliTrack, Inc. while it was still owned by Percon. The company has since upgraded from Percon’s original iTrak software to IntelliTrack WMS. Greene explained why he chose IntelliTrack, “Because IntelliTrack was written so I could modify it if I had to. It was very easy and user friendly to operate.” FME uses IntelliTrack WMS in tandem with Microsoft Great Plains Business Solution software. All of their sales, accounting and inventory are controlled with this software. They use it to track all of our shipping transactions and compare it to our accounting department’s inventory. They use PSC 4220 handhelds with RF on the warehouse floor.

The Results

FME now finds less than 0.1% error when taking annual inventory. They have also shortened the inventory take time from weeks to days.