Using IntelliTrack for Shopify

Fulfill your Shopify orders and keep better track of inventory without the extra steps by using IntelliTrack® for Shopify. This integration enables you to share inventory tracking and order processing seamlessly across the two platforms.

Share order data

Easily transfer information on open unfulfilled orders, carriers, and shipping details. As Shopify generates customer data at the time of purchase, IntelliTrack imports that data along with order details. Data syncs automatically at regular intervals, or can be pushed manually whenever you’d like.

Fulfill orders automatically

As new orders come in from your Shopify store, IntelliTrack receives information on the product, unit cost, and carrier details, and sends confirmation and shipping information back to Shopify. Simply print your label, pack and send!

Accurately track inventory

Once an order is fulfilled by IntelliTrack, the order is closed and inventory adjustments are shared automatically across platforms, so you can easily maintain accurate counts, without any of the manual work.
Are you a current IntelliTrack customer ready to give this integration a try? Check our our Shopify user guide, or contact us for help!