Taking Stock: Why More Retailers Than Ever Are Using Inventory Management Technology

Taking Stock: Why More Retailers Than Ever Are Using Inventory Management Technology

When you see a list like this that ranks inventory management as the fourth most popular technology being used in retail, it means it’s time to take notice. Of course, there’s no single reason that inventory management is so widely-used across retail, but one thing is absolutely undeniable: it’s an irreplaceable asset to any retailer. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why it ranks so highly.

Simple, Yet Sophisticated

One of the main reasons that you see something like inventory management technology ranking alongside analytics and point-of-sale systems is simple: it’s just plain easier. By implementing the right inventory management tech, you’re able to take something that was once a complex, dense, frustrating process and streamline it into something far more manageable.

What this means is finding a simple tool that’s sophisticated behind the scenes. That’s why IntelliTrack® is perfect for retailers looking to take the next step. This powerful tool can help make inventory management a breeze by giving you the power to do everything from store critical data like serial numbers and warranties, to offering pinpoint location on items. It’s IntelliTrack®’s ability to simplify the complex process of inventory management that makes it such a go-to for retailers to step up their game and streamline the entire process. From start to finish.

Efficiency is Everything

Another reason inventory management technology has become such a must-have in retail is its ability to bring better efficiency to the business. Whether running a bustling warehouse or managing the floor of a busy retail space, maintaining efficiency is the key to a solid bottom line. A poorly optimized inventory management system can logjam efficiency like nothing else, so having a plan in place to keep everything running is vital.

IntelliTrack® should be a part of every company’s plan. Through the ability to streamline physical counts and detailed, real-time reports for the entire organization, IntelliTrack® can keep things running at their absolute best. Not to mention the boost in efficiency gained by this improved level of oversight that helps prevent losses, shortages, and surpluses with ease. The reason retail industries are turning to inventory management technology is clear: they simply help companies become more efficient, and nobody does this better than IntelliTrack®.

More Data Comes in Handy

There’s no doubt that we’ve all become accustomed to having instant, real-time information in the palm of our hands. The world of inventory management is no different. We’re all expecting the ability to pull out our phone and find the answers or information we’re looking for at the push of a button, so proper inventory management system has to deliver on this in spades. It’s no surprise to see inventory management technology ranking so high for retailers when you take its unparalleled ability to put better, on-demand, detailed data in the hands of businesses worldwide.

IntelliTrack® Mobile is the powerful tool for those looking to get a better grip on their inventory management. By giving users the ability to track inventory receipt, order fulfillment, and movement all in real time, it’s more than great inventory management, it’s a powerful ally. By gaining the ability to know your inventory quantities and locations at all times, retailers can do everything from boost customer satisfaction, to minimize operational overhead. All at the push of a button. That’s how you do inventory management in 2019.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Inventory management technologies are such an increasingly-important part of the retail process because they flat out help get the job done. Whether it’s through their sophisticated simplicity, ability to boost a company’s efficiency, or the way they can put more information in the palm of your hand, this technology can do it all. There’s no better time to make sure that your business has the best possible inventory management process, and there’s nobody better for the job than IntelliTrack®.