Traceability Solution Helps Supply Chain Logistics Provider Meet Consumer Demand

See how IntelliTrack® Check In Check Out software was used to provide 100% traceability and streamline processes for a 3PL looking to improve the customer experience of their client, a multi-billion-dollar toy retailer.

The Organization

This supply chain logistics company is a large 3PL provider specializing in end-to-end logistics solutions that offers services ranging from inbound logistics and warehouse and transport, to packaging and other value-added services for customers from a wide variety of sectors. The company manages supply chains all the way from the source to the end customer, ensuring that its clients’ products and information reach their markets quickly and efficiently for a competitive advantage.

The Challenges

The 3PL provider needed help with their inbound logistics and warehouse services for the main fulfillment center of a multi-billion-dollar toy retailer. With 60 percent of all online orders shipped from this location, current equipment check-in and check-out processes were proving to be inefficient.

The organization faced the following challenges:

  • Difficulty in monitoring high-value assets (HVAs), such as handheld or wearable radio frequency (RF) equipment, to avoid losing devices
  • An extreme workload during the holiday season, which needed to accommodate:
  • – Operations running almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week
    – The ability to employ three shifts of up to 600 people
    – 2,000 people a day checking in and out equipment

  • Cumbersome Access databases and Excel spreadsheets that required manual data entry
  • Only one window for receiving and returning equipment, which led to long wait times

The Solution

As the 3PL was searching for a solution to their challenges, they came across IntelliTrack®, an innovative, user-friendly, web-based inventory management software. IntelliTrack® uses barcode scanning to help companies synchronize their inventory data to track inventory receipt, movement and order fulfillment as they happen, ensuring that data is always up-to-date. For the 3PL, this meant that they would no longer need to rely on manual data entry and could easily track any asset throughout their facility.

Since IntelliTrack® is a web-based solution, it could be available on any computer within the 3PL. This flexibility allowed the company to set up multiple equipment check-in and check-out locations throughout the facility instead of relying on only one service window, significantly reducing wait time and improving traceability and efficiency.

The Results

Throughout most of the year, the logistics solutions provider has two IntelliTrack® work stations in the facility. Once peak season begins in October, the flexible IntelliTrack® licensing model enables the 3PL to temporarily increase the number of licenses that they have and set up eight check-in check-out stations. This increase reduces equipment check-in and check-out times and provides 100% traceability, ensuring toys are shipped accurately and on time.

IntelliTrack®’s easy-to-use interface means once staff are trained on the system, they are able to check-in and check-out equipment without issues. In addition to the efficiency gained by increasing work stations, the system eliminates manual data entry by utilizing barcodes on the equipment, which are simply scanned by staff to make the process even faster.

Additionally, the logistics solutions provider worked with IntelliTrack® to develop an aged equipment report within the system. This report allows the facility to track how long equipment has been checked out and see if it is late being checked in.

Since implementation, the logistics solutions provider has expanded the number of items it tracks with IntelliTrack®. For example, in order to enter the facilities high-value product area, which includes video games and gaming consoles with values up to $1,500, staff need to wear a security vest. With IntelliTrack®, the company is able to track who has which vest and when they were in that section of the facility. They have also expanded tracking to include all radios and special case label guns for receiving.

Since implementing IntelliTrack®, the 3PL has been able to maintain its inventory at a higher rate than it had in the past. In addition, the IntelliTrack® inventory management software has increased the facility’s operational efficiency to match the increase in online consumer purchases during the holiday season.

In summary, by using IntelliTrack® software, the 3PL provider was able to:

  • Increase check-in check-out stations during peak season thanks to flexible licensing options
  • Reduce check-in check-out times for staff
  • Eliminate manual data entry by implementing a barcode-based solution
  • Increase visibility into how long equipment has been checked out
  • Create a high value asset (HVA) product area using security vests to better monitor staff and equipment
  • Improve the receiving process with tracking on radios and label guns
  • Maintain its inventory at a higher rate
  • Increase operational efficiency to match increased holiday orders

Watch the video below to see how IntelliTrack® asset management software can be used for any organization looking to improve their traceability, efficiency and accuracy.

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