Sound Logistics Makes Valentine’s Day a Success

Sound Logistics Makes Valentine’s Day a Success

This February 14, Americans will celebrate Valentine’s Day by buying cards, chocolates, and gifts to show loved ones they care. However, flowers are the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift, and despite the amount of thought many people put into purchasing them, few think about all that goes into ensuring that high volumes of flowers reach their destinations looking fresh on this day.

Cold chain management is put to the test in the weeks leading up to the holiday as flowers must be warehoused, transported and distributed without compromising their freshness and quality. There’s also an incredibly small window of delivery – most people expect their flowers to arrive on the 14th itself – and there’s just one chance to get the flower color and recipient’s name and greeting just right. Yet somehow florists manage to largely pull the day of without a hitch.

Sound logistics processes are a big part of making the day a success, and modern technologies like mobile printing and track and trace can help ensure everything reaches the right place on time. There’s a lot at stake, with the National Retail Federation estimating that U.S. consumers will be spending $17.3 billion on Valentine’s day. UPS alone estimates it will deliver around $100 million worth of flowers throughout the nation for Valentine’s Day, which is enough to fill 70 Boeing 767 airliners! Roughly nine out of ten of these flowers will pass through Miami International Airport because most of the flowers for the holiday are imported from South American countries like Colombia and Ecuador.

It’s not just flowers that will have their day in the sun, however; delivery company Parcel Hero reported a rise of 380 percent in the number of women’s hats delivered in 2015. Meanwhile, bracelets are rings went down by 27 percent while lingerie increased by 200 percent.

This blog post was based off of an article by More Than Shipping. Read the full article here.