Small Businesses Need to Stay on Top of Last-Mile Delivery

Small Businesses Need to Stay on Top of Last-Mile Delivery

Small businesses face an uphill battle when competing against retail giants like Amazon on the shipping front, and one make-or-break area is last-mile delivery. This is the last leg of a package’s journey up until the point it reaches your customer’s door, and if something goes wrong here, it can damage your reputation irreparably. Here’s how to ensure last-mile delivery goes smoothly.

Offer Tracking

Once consumers have handed their money over to you, they rightfully want to know where the products they’ve paid for are and how soon they will have them in their possession. Consumers are busier than ever, and they need to know when to expect their shipment and possibly arrange for someone to be available to receive it. Offering options for tracking packages can help your company look more professional and lead to very satisfied customers. This is also useful for spotting and addressing last-mile delivery issues.

Give Your Customers Choices

If possible, give your customers some control over the process and allow them to choose the delivery window they’d like and then charge them accordingly. This allows them to get a delivery slot or method that works best for them, improving the chances of a successful last-mile delivery.

Communication is Essential

Like many aspects of customer experience, communication when it comes to delivery is absolutely essential. Make sure you are providing your customers with regular updates on the status of their shipment. Use the communication method your customer prefers, giving them the option of getting updates through text, email or a communications app so they can find out where their product is at all times. This will give them confidence about your processes and keep down the number of inquiries your staff has to handle from customers asking where their products are and when they will receive them.

These are just a few small ways that you can help ensure last-mile delivery goes according to plan without breaking your budget­. Keep your customers happy, and they’ll reward you with repeat business!

This blog post was based off of an article by Small Business Trends. Read the full article here.