Small Businesses Can Be Surprisingly Powerful

Small Businesses Can Be Surprisingly Powerful

There is a lot of talk about small businesses being the bread and butter of the economy these days, yet somehow many of the true “mom and pop” stores out there are still getting left behind. While “bigger” small businesses are getting plenty of attention by the companies that make tools geared toward business growth, the smallest players have felt largely ignored for many years. What can small e-commerce businesses do to gain a foothold in this environment?

If you want to compete with the big players like Amazon—or at least attract some of their customers – you need to find a way to reach millions of customers across the globe without a big financial outlay. You also need a space to warehouse your goods and a smooth and reliable shipping process. It may sound like a lot to manage, but companies like UPS are finally starting to offer small businesses the means to play on the bigger stage.

Long-Awaited Solutions to Take Your Business Global

New fulfillment offerings enable small businesses to connect with multiple markets, offer a variety of shipping options, and store their products in more than one strategic location. We now have access to more technology than ever, and this is opening up unprecedented opportunities.

This means the smallest businesses out there won’t have to put together their own management solutions, piecing together services like competitive shipping, management platforms and inventory storage from a wide range of sources and then having to manage it all. Instead, they can now find entire packages that take care of everything while they focus on growing the business and keeping up with quality and innovation.

Now, it’s becoming increasingly possible to have a global presence, no matter how small you are, giving your customers the illusion of a bigger operation even as you’re working out of your garage.

This blog post was based off of an article by UPS. Ready the full article here.