Set Your Supply Chain Up for a Prosperous 2017 —

Set Your Supply Chain Up for a Prosperous 2017 —

Now that 2016 is in the past, the opportunity presents itself to look back and assess where a supply chain succeeded and where things went wrong. It’s also a time to look ahead and plan how to make business better than ever. When setting some supply chain resolutions for the new year, be sure to keep these vital points in mind.


All types of business depend on efficient communication to be successful. Communication must flow smoothly through all departments to avoid disasters. With an estimated $37 billion being lost annually as a result of employee misunderstandings, supply chain managers simply cannot afford to ignore the importance of internal cooperation.


Now is the time to find ways to make your supply chain as sustainable as possible. Because the actions of suppliers can directly affect a company, supplier operations need to be assessed thoroughly. It’s also time to consider renewable energy if you haven’t already, as going green can give you a competitive edge and boost your standing among consumers. Break down the supply chain into stages and try to tackle the environmental burdens you encounter one at a time. Every improvement, no matter how small, will make a difference, whether it’s to your reputation or your bottom line.


Why not make 2017 the year of innovation for your company? The right changes can bring about quicker production times and more efficiency and reliability. Whether you’re going to find new ways to simplify your network, improve your relationship with customers and suppliers, or reduce the physical effort required by your workers, it’s time to think outside the box and hopefully see some dramatic improvements.

There is no shortage of ways that you can make this your best year yet, and focusing on creativity, sustainability and communication will give you an excellent foundation as you strive to achieve your goals.

This blog post was based off of an article from All Things Supply Chain. View the original here.