Ditch the Pen: 3 Common Questions About Moving On from Pen and Paper Management

Ditch the Pen: 3 Common Questions About Moving On from Pen and Paper Management

It’s no secret that change is hard. All of us resist it at times. Doing the same thing can be easy, it can be comfortable. But it can be detrimental, as well. When it comes to inventory management, for so long the old way was a simple, rudimentary pen and paper system. And you know what? For so long, it worked well enough. But well enough just isn’t good enough anymore.

 For IntelliTrack®, the mediocrity of a pen and paper system could always be beat. That’s why our inventory management software is designed for those who believe in change for the better and for the types of organizations that prioritize efficiency above all else. We know that the leap from a pen and paper system to inventory management software can seem difficult and intimidating, but making the switch to inventory management software is easy, and it’s critical, too. Let’s take a look at some of the common questions and concerns you might have about making the leap to IntelliTrack®, and see all of the ways that IntelliTrack® provides the right answer to your inventory management needs.

 Pen and paper has worked for me so far. Why should I switch?

 Sure, your old pen and paper system may work, but is that really good enough? Think about all of the inefficiencies found with the process. The lack of information; the manual entries; the time and money lost in tracking down an item or asset that’s gone missing with absolutely no way to locate it.

IntelliTrack® provides a solution to all of the inefficiencies you come across. Our software is for the organization that is always striving to be more efficient, to simply do better. The reason to switch from pen and paper goes beyond the monumental leap in information and control you gain when modernizing your approach to the peace of mind you have with inventory management that seemed previously impossible.

Implementing a new process sounds daunting. Will the transition be a chore? 

When thinking about implementing a new technology into your organization, it’s only natural to have reservations. Just thinking about it can seem like a big, arduous task that will bring everything to a halt until it’s completed. But in reality, when done with the right partner, this process has been streamlined and perfected to a point where you’ll hardly even notice it’s happening. 

IntelliTrack® is that partner. Making the shift from pen and paper to our software as easy as possible is one of our driving forces. We know that it can sound scary or daunting, and we designed a process that eliminates any of those concerns. The three words, simple, smart, and flexible, perfectly define our approach to the process. Using them as our guiding principles, we’ve designed a process to seamlessly transition your inventory management processes to IntelliTrack®. What’s more, switching to IntelliTrack® software is so advantageous to your operation, it’ll have you wondering why it took you so long to make the leap in the first place.

Pen and paper is tried-and-true. Is inventory management software really the future?

To answer that question: no, it’s not. Inventory management software isn’t the future, it’s the present. It’s today’s standard for any organization that wants to ensure its getting the absolute best out of an absolutely vital aspect of its operations. Inventory management software has been around for a long enough time now that it has proven its worth and outperformed pen and paper in every way imaginable. IntelliTrack® has simply mastered it even further.

 Keeping your organization on the cutting edge at all costs is imperative in today’s age. By making the leap from pen and paper to an inventory management solution like IntelliTrack®, you’re making sure that your organization’s most critical element isn’t stuck in the past. Easy, on-demand, instantaneous information has become a necessity in today’s data-driven world, and your inventory management system needs to keep pace with the times. By implementing IntelliTrack® and ditching pen and paper management, you’re setting yourself up for success today and for success in the future.

With customers and employees alike not only demanding more from you, but demanding more from you at a faster pace, there’s simply no way that pen and paper can keep up. With the easy, seamless move to inventory management software like IntelliTrack®, you give today’s operations an instant jolt in efficiency. When you make the switch to IntelliTrack® you can relax in knowing that you’ve given the entire operation a sturdier foundation for the future.