Pinpoint Accuracy: These 3 Easy Steps Lead to Seamless Item Tracking

Pinpoint Accuracy: These 3 Easy Steps Lead to Seamless Item Tracking

Not knowing where your stuff is can be a sinking feeling. When you’re stuck hunting down an item’s physical location, you’re stuck with a more inefficient operation. Because when an item isn’t easily located, a ripple effect can be triggered that can be felt by absolutely everybody in the organization.

IntelliTrack® can help you never experience that feeling while delivering seamless, easy item tracking. We’ve put together a handy guide to show you exactly how easy this process is to set up and how much of an impact it can make on your operations. With IntelliTrack®, you won’t just be aware of your stuff at all times, you’ll be in control of it, too.


Step One: Setting up the Software

If you’re stuck on pen and paper, there’s simply no way that you’ll have the most up-to-date, convenient, and accessible information on your item’s whereabouts. With a pen and paper format, you’ll be constantly battling against a system that prioritizes inefficiency and puts anything but a premium on information.

Taking control of your item’s location begins with the right software. With IntelliTrack®, we’ve made it incredibly easy to get up and moving. Our software is simple, smart, and flexible, to make this transition easiest for you. Our software can be up and running in no time, and when it’s installed, you’ll be well on your way to item tracking that’s on an entirely different level.


Step Two: Break out the Barcodes

Your items are only valuable when you know where they are. It’s not good enough to go on faith that their location is accounted for and that they’ll be right where you need them, when you need them. The old way favored an approach that relied far too heavily on assumption and faith. But there’s a much better way to keep tabs on your item’s whereabouts.

Barcodes are a big part of the answer to pinpoint item location. IntelliTrack® makes it simple by providing an easy barcode process that lets you tag each item individually. That means you’re creating an identifier unique to each individual item, a permanent source of information that you can continually refer back to. A stamp, of sorts, that will follow your item around and give you the sort of dependency that a pen and paper system simply cannot match.


Step Three: Label Your Locations

Effective inventory management begins with consistency. When your items and inventory aren’t easy to track down or manage, a logjam can occur. A big reason this happens is a lack of information. When you don’t have absolutely every detail at your disposal, than it’s inevitable that you’ll fall behind.

IntelliTrack® makes this key component easy by giving you the opportunity to better label your item locations and establish a healthier inventory ecosystem. Now that your items have a barcode following them around, you’re now placing them in their proper place, one that’s been clearly defined and labeled. That doesn’t just mean that this current item will find the right home, but it helps the entire process going forward by bringing everything under the same, efficient umbrella. When that’s done, pinpoint item tracking is just around the corner.


You’re Ready to Find Your Stuff Anytime, Anywhere

Think about the old way for a moment. Think about the headache of tracking down an item using pen and paper. Was it properly checked in to begin with? Maybe somebody forgot and there’s absolutely no information on the item’s journey, and no way to look up how and where something went wrong.

IntelliTrack® eliminates these headaches completely. With just those three easy steps above, you’re all set for pinpoint item locating. Seriously, it’s that easy. Now that you’ve got the software installed, your items tagged, and your locations labeled, you can use IntelliTrack® to pull up instant, accurate, detailed information on exactly what item you’re after. That means no more tracking down the paper trail, no more wondering where an item is, and no more stress. Instead, you can now fire up IntelliTrack® to not only see exactly where that item is, but to get more information on something as valuable as quantity as well.

Providing this easy boost to your organization’s item locating isn’t simply about giving you and your employees the best tool available to find your stuff at all times, it’s also giving you a nearly-instantaneous lift to your organization’s overall efficiency and operational health at the same time.