Meet Noel McKeon, Our Business Development Manager

Meet Noel McKeon, Our Business Development Manager

Here at IntelliTrack®, we’re dedicated to finding the best possible solutions for our customers. That’s why our team is made up of hardworking innovators who are focused on customer success. Each month, we’ll introduce you to one of our team members so that you can get to know us better and learn how we continuously work together to find new and innovative solutions. Continue reading to meet our first team member, Noel McKeon! Noel is our business development manager and works very closely with every member of our team.

How long have you been with IntelliTrack?
Great question! I’ve been working at IntelliTrack for a long time! I started with IntelliTrack, Inc. in 2001, shortly after graduating from Loyola University in Maryland with a degree in Management Information Systems. I would say my long tenure here is due to the fact that it’s a fun and dynamic company to work for. I truly enjoy the team that we have and the common goal of helping our customers by offering them the simplest way to manage their inventory. We’ve been a leader in the industry and have helped thousands of businesses with tracking their inventory and assets.

How would you describe your role?
As the Business Development Manager for IntelliTrack, I focus on expanding our partnerships, exploring new channels for us to work with, and new markets that we can serve. I truly believe that almost every business out there has a need to track their inventory and/or assets. Businesses run better when critical questions can be easily and accurately answered: What do we have? How much do we have? Where is it located? IntelliTrack provides the answers to these questions and my job is to help folks understand this. My role at IntelliTrack often allows me to have a direct understanding of how our customers increase profitability, decrease expenses, and improve their overall operation by making it more efficient. I truly enjoy seeing the positive impact that our software has with our customers.

How do you help our customers simplify their inventory management?
Every employee at IntelliTrack, myself included, is constantly looking for ways to ensure that we offer the simplest way to manage one’s inventory. We have a very collaborative team at IntelliTrack that works really well together. Many times, when our account managers are conducting product demos for prospective customers, new ideas come up for new functionality or features that can increase product functionality or provide a simpler way of doing something. I will often act as the bridge to our product development team, logging the idea and discussing it with them so that they can make sure that eventually the idea makes its way into the application.

What is your favorite feature of IntelliTrack?
That’s easy, our Rapid Check In/Out function! So much so that I made a video about how it works ( This feature or function transforms a browser on a desktop (or laptop) computer into a simple kiosk that provides feedback on scanning assets out (or back in) to individuals. It’s great when there is a line or queue in the morning and gear needs to be checked out rapidly and easily to multiple people. It’s something simple and unique that IntelliTrack offers and our customers love it!

We’re all big fans of software here. What’s another piece of software that you love?
I have to go with Google Photos – It’s simple to use and offers me free cloud backup of all my photos. Google Photos syncs across multiple devices (Android or iOS), and with Google’s powerful AI behind it, Photos can recognize people (and even animals like my dog Frankie!) and provide the pictures I have of them when I search for their name. Using the same AI, Google Photos will automatically create movies, animations, and collages for me or suggest touch-ups that can make my pictures look even better. It’s a great application that I use all the time.

Tell us a bit more about yourself. What do you like to do outside of work?
I enjoy running and playing my guitar in my spare time. Three years ago, my wife and I purchased a really old house that needed lots of TLC, so I have been doing a lot of drywall, plastering, painting, window replacement, etc. over the past couple of years. It’s been a massive, but fun project and we’re almost at the finish line… only two more rooms to go! I also enjoy traveling in my free time.