Medical Response for the Diplomatic Corps Digitizes Inventory and Patient Tracking with IntelliTrack


Headquartered in Albania with mission locations in Kosovo, Kenya and South Sudan, the Medical Response for the Diplomatic Corps (MRDC) was established in 2004 as a joint action of the United Nation, World Bank and World Health Organization. The international organization provides not-for-profit medical services to diplomats and internationals, raising funds to support humanitarian activities and uphold an international standard of care in impoverished regions with limited access to medical resources.


MRDC runs a clinic in Juba, South Sudan, that performs a full range of 24/7 medical services for its patients, including emergency response and ambulatory surgical care. The facility relied on entirely manual processes to manage clinical and laboratory inventory and track patients from check-in through check-out. These inefficient, paper-based systems required significant time investments from staff, and often resulted in inaccurate inventory counts and insufficient replenishment for supplies. As a result, MRDC searched for an efficient and accurate solution to digitize the tracking process.


After evaluating the capabilities of various barcode scanning systems, MRDC selected IntelliTrack, a leading provider of innovative inventory management software, to provide its tracking solutions. To manage the clinic’s supplies and replenishment, MRDC implemented IntelliTrack® Inventory.

The cloud-based software uses proven, reliable barcode technology to track inventory receipt, quantities, movement and locations in real time so that.

Additionally, MRDC is piloting IntelliTrack® Assets, an innovative asset management solution, to track patient visits and data using barcode scanning technology. Though not originally designed for this application, the software’s flexibility allows MRDC to make the customizations necessary to meet the clinic’s unique needs.


MRDC has completely digitized its tracking processes using IntelliTrack, and is now able to manage the clinic’s consumable inventory, as well as patients, through a single, user-friendly application, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Using handheld barcode scanners, clinical staff are able to conduct fast, efficient inventory counts with greater accuracy so that data is always up to date.

As a web-based solution, this inventory data can be accessed by MRDC from anywhere in world through IntelliTrack’s secure cloud server. When an item is removed from inventory at the clinic, MRDC’s support staff in the United States can see that transaction in real time and make prompt decisions on what needs to be reordered⎯a vitally important capability in a region where medical supplies are scarce and replenishment involves significant shipping time.

This process helps the clinic not only minimize overhead costs and item losses, but also proactively prevent inventory shortages, ensuring the necessary supplies are always available to provide patients care.

Since implementing and customizing IntelliTrack® Assets to meet its patient tracking needs, MRDC has significantly streamlined the process for clinical staff. They can quickly check patients in and out of the system, and store and track critical data for each patient such as clinician notes, visit times and overnight stays.

Charles Linderman, M.D., general director of MRDC, said, ““What really attracted me to IntelliTrack was the software’s tremendous flexibility and the company’s willingness to adapt to the needs of our organization. Our clinic operates significantly faster and more efficiently now that our processes are digitized, benefiting not only our staff but also our patients who so desperately need access to quality medical care.”

“Moving forward, I am excited to work with IntelliTrack to adapt the software for even greater capabilities.” – Charles Linderman, M.D. General Director MRDC