Mastering Your Mailroom: 4 Ways Inventory Management Helps in the Mailroom

Mastering Your Mailroom: 4 Ways Inventory Management Helps in the Mailroom

The mailroom is often the unsung hero of an operation. Because a well performing mailroom can influence the productivity of the entire operation far beyond its physical doors. This is where any minor inefficiency can be problematic for the entire organization. On the other hand, when a mailroom is running with efficiency, it has the opposite effect.

IntelliTrack knows the value of an efficient mailroom. Though it may be overlooked by some, to us, it’s a vital part of the process and a key component to an efficient operation. When packages are flowing in and out of the mailroom in a way that’s both organized and streamlined, every part of the organization benefits. Take a look at some of the ways IntelliTrack® can help you turn your mailroom into a true asset for the organization.

  1. Efficiency Upon Arrival

When critical documents or packages enter the mailroom, it can be hard to keep up with their arrival. Whether it’s knowing if they arrived in the first place, or questioning where they went after arrival, this constant worry can make your head spin.

When IntelliTrack®’s Package Tracking capabilities arrive later this year, you’ll be able to get your hands on a tool that ramps up your mailroom’s efficiency the second a package arrives. By monitoring everything coming and going from the mailroom, you, and your employees, are free to spend more time on the task at hand. Instead of wondering what’s arrived and when, you can plan where an important package or document needs to go. Whether it’s one key delivery you’ve been waiting on, or a multitude of packages, you can get a better idea and grasp of package flow in and out of your mailroom, which frees you up to spend less time worrying, and more time thinking about what really matters.

  1. Real Time. All the Time

Things can get lost in the mailroom. With so many packages and documents coming and going, it can be impossible to track what’s arrived. Think about it, when you’re on the lookout for that one critical delivery, you can lose track of what’s happening in the sea of other package arrivals and departures.

IntelliTrack® Package Tracking can help cut through the noise. Real-time delivery notifications will keep you on top of the mailroom flow. Our real-time delivery notifications will notify recipients of delivery in real time, so that there’s not a second wasted. IntelliTrack® can help slow down the dizzying pace of the mailroom by putting the right information into the right hands. This is more information and control to empower your organization.

  1. Never Be at a Loss

Loss prevention is serious business. From your assets to your inventory, the organization it is less effective when things go missing. Nowhere is that more evident than in the mailroom. In an environment as bustling and unpredictable as the mailroom, a strong plan for loss prevention yields tangible results.

IntelliTrack® software is designed to give you more information and more control over your mailroom, and our software can be a powerful ally in mailroom management. With Package Tracking from IntelliTrack®, the information and control you gain over your incoming and outgoing packages puts a premium not only on package receipt and delivery, but also on loss prevention. By giving your mailroom this powerful ally in the form of IntelliTrack® software, you’re also giving yourself a defense against loss.

 IntelliTrack® puts a higher level of accountability on the mailroom employee by instituting a clear-cut process for the flow of packages and documents into and out the mailroom. On top of this, when a clear, traceable trail of the movement of documents and packages is followed, your employees have more peace of mind, which allows them to focus more on the job at hand.

  1. More Tools For a More Efficient Mailroom

Ask any organization or mailroom employee if they could possibly have too much help in the mailroom, and they’re likely to tell you there’s no such thing. The mailroom is a uniquely complex environment that’s always changing, and impossible to predict. Giving both yourself, and your mailroom employees, every possible tool to make things run efficiently is essential.

IntelliTrack® has mailroom management down to a science. With our Package Tracking addition coming later this year, you will get all of the benefits we’ve already talked about, and then some. Think rapid delivery and a view into critical details. 

With our rapid delivery feature, you’ll get an innovative function that puts speed and control at a premium. You’ll gain unprecedented control over the once-complicated mailroom process. And if it’s more information you’re after, our critical details functionality will allow you to generate proof of delivery and offer detailed data about critical packages.

In any organization, the mailroom can be a place of distress. It can be the place where one small mistake or one misplaced item goes on to have huge consequences for the entire organization. By partnering with IntelliTrack® for mailroom management later this year, you’ll be able to get better control over this unsung epicenter of your organization and command efficient package handling from the second a package or document makes its way to your doors.