Making the Right Pick: 3 Easy Ways to Streamline Order Picking

Making the Right Pick: 3 Easy Ways to Streamline Order Picking

Efficient order picking is the linchpin of many warehouse operations. The ability to quickly fulfill orders isn’t just a necessity, it’s an advantage. When order picking is inadequate, everything slows down and everyone feels it. From your customers to your employees, any minor roadblock to the order picking process affects everything and everyone.

Nobody knows this better than IntelliTrack®. And nobody knows exactly what it takes to facilitate an order picking environment that’s as streamlined as it is efficient better than us. So let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use IntelliTrack® to make for a better order picking process for your entire organization. 

  1. Put a Label On It

Before you can ever find and extract products from a warehouse, you need to know where they are in the first place. One of the biggest hurdles to a solid order picking process is not knowing where your stuff is to begin with. When you can spend less time wondering where a specific item is, and more time retrieving it, efficiency can go through the roof.

With IntelliTrack®, you’re given the necessary tools to have total command over where your stuff is at all times. It starts with a simple barcode process to give your inventory unique tags and expands on this by giving you the chance to label their locations as well. This means that not only is your unique item tagged with a barcode, but it’s going to a deliberate place that’s been designated just for it. So when it comes time for order picking, you’ve got every single detail you need to track down the item and get it into the customer’s hands. And it’s all done to the tune of valuable time and efficiency gained for your organization. Not to mention the happier customer you have through quick, hassle-free order fulfillment. 

  1. All the Information You Could Ever Need

Another hurdle to great order picking is a lack of information. Sometimes, you may simply be unaware that an item has run out when you go to fulfill it. That’s just not good enough. Today, when we have so much on-demand information at the press of a button, mastery over your warehouse’s information should not be any different.

Get all the information you could ever need for great order picking with IntelliTrack®. Forget about ever wondering how much of an item you have left. With IntelliTrack® you minimize operational overhead because you have every possible detail you could ever need, whenever you need it. By placing this information in your hands, you’ll be able to cut down on question marks and inefficiency, while also gaining more control and oversight. Order picking is no different than the rest of the operation, when you’ve got more control over it, and more information at your disposal, great things start to happen.

  1. The Power of Employee Empowerment

An order picking process that gets the job done isn’t just about you, it’s also about the employee. Perhaps nobody feels the effects of a constrained order picking process more than the employee that has to do it in the first place. The employees that are on the ground level trying to do their level best with the tools at hand should be given every opportunity to do so. Putting the best tool in their hands gives them more than a way to quickly, easily fulfill orders, it also gives them a better work environment.

IntelliTrack® is designed with employer and employee in mind. We understand that when both are happy, the customer usually is, too. By establishing a better inventory management solution within your organization, you’ll be giving your employees every opportunity to perform their job at peak performance. That makes for employees who have all of the information and power at their hands to fulfill orders with an accuracy and pace they never thought possible. Not only will this give them better peace of mind and allow them to perform their job to their absolute best, but it will also give them the opportunity to fulfill more orders and keep the order picking process rolling with fewer hiccups throughout the day. 

Order picking can be a stressful part of the day, but it doesn’t have to be. You’ve got the chance to turn this process into something that actively works for the organization rather than the other way around. With an inventory management solution like IntelliTrack®, order picking couldn’t be easier. When order picking is this easy, you benefit, your employees benefit,