Logistics Can Make or Break a Business

Logistics Can Make or Break a Business

You might be good at sales, or have a stellar product to offer, but if you don’t get logistics right, your business is doomed to fail. Getting products from the supplier to the consumer is a very involved process, and it’s essential that you have a strong understanding of it to improve your chances of success.

To understand how important every step in the supply chain is, consider the case of a carrot farmer. Let’s say you grow carrots, which are shipped to grocery stores, or sent off to food processors to make packaged salads, or even carrot cake. You’ll need to not only ensure that your carrots aren’t destroyed by pests or pesticides, but also that they grow into a flavorful and attractive vegetable. Once that happens, you’ll have someone pick it, crate it up, store it and then ship it to wherever it needs to go. All of this takes place in a pretty short period of time or the carrots could spoil, and this is the job of the logistics supply chain.

One Weak Link Can Ruin Everything
As you can imagine, even one weak link could ruin the entire shipment. If the truck that carries the carrots breaks down, for example, and can’t be replaced quickly, the carrots could spoil, and you could have to scramble to send a new shipment of carrots to the destination. As you can imagine, you need the utmost reliability and a comprehensive plan for handling any hiccups that arise.

Keep in mind that customers don’t see all the hard work and stress that goes into getting goods to their destination; they only know what they see when the product is in their hands. That’s why you have to ensure everything stays on track, making use of automation and software as needed to boost output and control quality. When customer orders are involved, you’ll also want to be as communicative as possible so they know what to expect.

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