Keep Things in Check: 3 Benefits of an Automated Check in/Check Out Process

Keep Things in Check: 3 Benefits of an Automated Check in/Check Out Process

One of the simplest, but most beneficial aspects of great inventory management software is in its check in/check out feature. Extra time spent wondering where your tools or assets are amounts to extra time and money wasted. Trying to track down assets can grind your efficiency to a halt. With so many vital assets circulating around your operation at any given time, it’s critical to get control over them so that they are placed where they belong. That’s where IntelliTrack®’s seamless check in/check out offerings come into play.

Let’s take a look at three major ways an automated check in/check out process can benefit your organization.

  1. Real Time Info For Real Results

Of course, knowing absolutely everything you can about your inventory is important, and the same goes for your assets. With assets commonly coming and going at a rapid pace, you’ll want to set yourself up to know their location at all times. A piece of software like IntelliTrack® can give you real time information on everything from where an asset is, to who checked it out, and when it is scheduled to return. Not only does this let you quickly figure out where your things are, but it increases accountability through more insight and data. When your employees know that they’ve got a real, tangible process for checking assets in and out, they can feel more comfortable, and you can rest easier knowing exactly where your stuff is at all times.

  1. Don’t Be At A Loss

 A great check in/check out process is about more than simply having better control over your stuff, it’s about loss prevention, which improves your bottom line, too. It’s simple, when you have an actual, verifiable track record of your rotational assets, they’re a lot less likely to go missing. This means that you’re a lot less likely to lose money replacing these assets. On top of this, with IntelliTrack® constantly monitoring your asset inventory, you’ll realize even more cost effectiveness because this tool can help you reduce costs through counts as well.

  1. It’s In the Data

 We’ve seen the ways an automated check in/check out process can help with immediate concerns like better control and increased loss prevention, but it can also help set you up for the future, too. Software like IntelliTrack® can aggregate all of the data and information on your assets’ movement throughout the organization and you can use it to plan for the future. Whether you use our standard or customized reports, you get exactly the kind of information you’re after so that you can set things up in the absolute best way possible for you. The ability to predict the optimal usage and movement of your assets allows you to reach a whole new level of efficiency. 

Automation makes everything easier. Migrating the check in/check out process for your rotational assets to a platform like IntelliTrack® gives you an advantage in more ways than one. Software like this lets you have total mastery over your assets through allowing you to see their whereabouts at all times. And, it increases accountability for everyone within the organization while saving you big money in the process. Once you implement a better way to manage your check in/check out process, you’ll never want to go back.