How RAIN RFID is transforming supply chain

Last week, we introduced RAIN RFID, the newest feature release within IntelliTrack. With up to 15x improved cycle count times, scan range from 10 feet away, and 1,000 tags read in a single second, this technology is rapidly transforming the supply chain. Aside from being more flexible and secure than other scanning technologies, here’s how RFID RAIN can impact your experience. 



No line of sight barrier with RAIN RFID

One of the key elements to utilizing RAIN RFID is the ability to remove human intervention or line of sight. For example, if you are counting inventory or assets using barcode technology, you have to line up the laser on that handheld to ensure a precise barcode scan, one piece at a time.

With an RFID solution, you don’t need pure line of sight. The RFID infrastructure will read all of the RFID tags within a general area automatically. Depending on the configuration of the tag and the readers, you can typically read tags from up to 20 feet away. This saves time and reduces error.

Input large quantities in one scan

RAIN RFID allows you to identify and locate up to 1,000 individual items per second. Since individual RFID scans aren’t necessary as they are with barcodes, every item within the reader’s range will be input at once.

This is particularly helpful for workers who are in production or raw materials inventory, workers in the finished goods warehouse area, and workers who are going to remote sites who need to read a high volume by a specific deadline.

Improved cycle count time

Take your counting process from hours to minutes. If you have to routinely count large quantities of items, expect to scan 10-15 times faster than using barcode technology. Many IntelliTrack® customers with a vendor-managed inventory offering choose to use RAIN RFID to count inventory on location for their own customers to better equip them for rapid replenishment.

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