Inventory Tracking Software Enables Expansion, Improves Accuracy and Efficiency

The Organization

Stone Office, Inc., a contract furniture dealership and warehousing provider in Northeastern Pennsylvania started in 1958, provides full-service office systems, office furniture, space planning, and project management. As a multi-line commercial furniture and modular partition dealer, they represent approximately 100 different manufacturers of fine office furniture and wall systems. Stone Office also stores clients’ inventory in their warehouse and offers distribution and logistics services to customers.

The Challenge

As Stone Office began to expand their facilities they were able to offer warehousing services to clients in need. However, they did not have an efficient system in place to track inventory, manage shipping/receiving orders, or provide up-to-date information to customers when they needed it.

When it was time for an inventory, it became a scavenger hunt for the warehouse employees.

For Stone Office to act as a third party logistics provider it was necessary to employ a cost effective management system so they could continue to provide the customer service they were known for.

Their next challenge was to find the best system for their warehouse. Stone Office was no longer solely storing and tracking furniture. They needed to track an extensive inventory of equipment and finished goods.

The Solution

A prior relationship with an IntelliTrack Sales Manager started a discussion with Stone Office about a new IntelliTrack product offering, IntelliTrack 3PL. At the time the software was completed, but had not yet been installed at a customer site and could only be offered in its beta form. If implemented correctly, IntelliTrack 3PL had the ability to greatly benefit Stone’s warehouse and provide support for their clients’ needs.

With this system in place Stone Office would have the ability to provide up-to-date information to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Stone Office had their consultant evaluate IntelliTrack’s 3PL software in addition to the other software applications previously selected. The consultant concluded that the beta version of IntelliTrack 3PL was as good if not better than the other software solutions evaluated. Based on an existing friendship and thorough evaluation, Stone decided to move forward with IntelliTrack 3PL and the beta process of installing the newly developed software application.

The Results

Without IntelliTrack’s Warehouse Management and 3PL software, Stone Office would not have been able to support their clients’ needs.

Now fully operational, Stone has been able to expand their offered services and increase business with their current clientele.

Stone Office’s Vicki Krause, now knows instantly where items are located and no longer has to search the grounds to identify their existing inventory. In addition, Stone’s clients can now sit at their desk and obtain information regarding any of their inventories in the warehouse at anytime necessary. With IntelliTrack, Stone Office’s warehouse has the ability to handle large orders and shipments when required, saving them time and increasing accuracy tremendously.

With IntelliTrack’s software solutions, Stone Office has been able to grow a customer and grow their business by expanding their service offering. Going forward, they plan to offer inventory, shipping, and long-term storage of office furniture, inventory, and resources to new and existing clientele.