Inventory Tracking Leads to Customer Satisfaction for BRS Relocation Services

 The Organization

BRS Relocation Services, Inc. (BRSNY) has more than 25 years of experience providing professional relocation services to organizations of all types and sizes in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Their clients include government agencies, financial and healthcare institutions, media and other businesses.

These moving experts are serious about their motto, ‘Consider it done!’ One phone call is all it takes to relocate from start to finish.

BRS provides warehouse storage for furniture and other equipment from a day or two, up to several months.

Some customers need ongoing storage that is readily accessible on a piece by piece basis. The BRS team is prepared to review all customer needs and develop tailor made solutions.

Providing referrals to professional firms for architectural work, cleaning, electrical work, real estate services, printing, and even web design, is an added value to their service. BRS knows that there are often unexpected pressures that require immediate access to reliable knowledgeable resources.

The Challenge

As BRS expanded, it became more concerned about these areas that challenged its asset management:

BRS equipment

Moving equipment is expensive and BRS has plenty of it. From more than 10,000 dollies and 5,000 commercial bins to consumable inventory such as labels, bubble wrap and protective cardboard.

For years, BRS relied on a manual system that made it difficult to keep track of everything. For example, if the full complement of dollies were not brought back from a job, no one was quite sure where they were.

Workers might not even be sure how many they had. Someone would be dispatched to find the lost ones but was not always successful. Both time and money were wasted unnecessarily.

Customer items in storage

Although most customers will store their entire shipping load for a few days or months, BRS had other customers such as television studios who needed access to their inventory on a more regular basis. For example, a television show might have been looking for a particular prop or stage design but they weren’t sure where it was and neither did BRS. The studio would probably have ended up making, buying or renting a new piece.

The Solution

In 2013, BRS made the decision to move from manual tracking to a barcode technology system to keep track of their equipment. Some features of this web based inventory system include:

  • Installation works on existing equipment, eliminating a large capital outlay for new hardware.
  • Backs up and stores data on a secure cloud server
  • Easily accessible anywhere, anytime for real time information
  • Can produce reports on whatever information about his inventory that the client requires

After discussion with BRS about their operations and what they wanted to achieve, the IntelliTrack reps recommended Inventory Shipping Receiving Picking (ISRP) as the most appropriate software package for managing the company equipment.

Paul May, Operations and Warehouse Manager at BRS, pushed the conversations further and it was decided that IntelliTrack ISRP would also be good for tracking customer inventory.

The system is especially effective for media studios staging their television sets. When they know exactly what item they want but aren’t sure of the location, they can simply input a few keywords and ISRP tells them where to find it.

The process is straightforward:

  • BRS prints and affixes a barcode to each item of inventory in storage, indicating whatever information the customer and BRS needs.
  • The barcode is then scanned by a mobile device and the captured data is stored in the cloud
  • ISRP supports physical counts, cycle counts and moving inventory
  • BRS can retrieve data when needed for any updates.
  • BRS can also produce reports for day-to-day monitoring of the operation and for strategic planning
  • Storage customers may access the system to browse certain files in order to identify items they want BRS to pick up and deliver for them.
  • Customers are not identifiable to each other so confidentiality is maintained.

The Results

 BRS has been using IntelliTrack ISRP since January 2014 and is pleased to report these areas of positive outcomes:

  • Increased efficiency, productivity, and accountability
  • Management and staff have confidence in the accuracy of their physical counts of inventory, making it easier to plan work and deploy resources.
  • The data collected on the ISRP system supports loss and theft prevention, making staff more accountable for company equipment and supplies.
  • Increased Sales
  • The capacity for customers to go online to see photos of stored items is especially attractive to studios looking for props and stage designs. Customers save money when they can use an item they already own.
  • Integrated, accurate real time tracking of inventory over multiple sites. All the information is available on one site with one access procedure.
  • Knowing the precise location of any stored item allows BRS to pick and deliver it more quickly than was possible with the previous manual inventory system.

All these outcomes are easily translated into increased profitability in an already successful business. BRS is saving time and money by knowing exactly where its own and its customer inventories are stored. It is also increasing its sales revenue by billing customers for the time spent accessing the unique online inventory catalog service. BRS is definitely more than a moving company!

 ‘IntelliTrack tech support people are fantastic’. — Paul May

They were able to customize file formats so a keyword search could find items in different sites or with different shows. They developed a function to ensure confidentiality when there are multiple customers accessing ISRP. The entire program is intuitive, user friendly and easy to understand. May described his experience with IntelliTrack as working with ‘people who care about what they do’.