Inventory and Asset Management Help Orlando Government Provide Wide Range of Services

CityofOrlando_ClientThe Organization

The City of Orlando is the economic hub of Central Florida.

Nearly 4,000 employees make up the municipal government, providing a range of community and cultural services.

It is easy to imagine all the equipment and supplies that are needed for these employees to serve the citizens of Orlando. Accountability is the primary drive for decisions made by the administrators for City of Orlando.  Nowhere can this be seen more clearly than in management of city assets and consumables. IntelliTrack Inc. is pleased to be able to provide a full service solution for the city’s materials management and asset tracking.

The Challenge

In 2013, a city project team was tasked with finding replacement technology for tracking inventory and reporting the financial transactions. It was recognized that any solution was only as good as the capacity of the front line workers to implement it.

An essential feature for a new system would be the capacity to integrate with Workday, the enterprise application used by the city for HR and financial management. This meant data exported from the new technology would have to meet the file format requirements of Workday. Meanwhile, of course, staff had to be able to continue operations while a solution was sourced and implemented.

The project team realized they did not have the resources to design an application themselves. After they developed a shopping list of functionalities, they began the search for an off-the-shelf product.

As they looked at packages that would meet their basic functional requirements, the project team narrowed the possibilities to a short list of half a dozen providers. IntelliTrack Inc. quickly emerged as a leader. Their website was accessible and informative and the City’s first contact with a sales rep focused on the City’s functional needs, not just the IntelliTrack products.

The Solution

The City of Orlando decided to subscribe to IntelliTrack ISRP and Assets packages along with their current Workday system. There are three interface points between IntelliTrack and Workday:

Asset tracking 

Detailed information about all assets is based in Workday. The user who is ready to perform the physical inventory can export the information by location to a CSV file on an SFTP site to ensure a secure transfer. The system can import from the SFTP file and add or update data, as necessary.

Asset validation 

Once the inventory is complete, the updated data is exported in a CSV file back to an SFTP site where it can be accessed by the Workday user. The data capture includes asset number, manufacturer, fund, cost center, business unit, assignee, asset name and description, location, date and user performing inventory.

Material consumption 

The end of day data exported from Stratus to Workday tracks transactions on all consumables from printer cartridges to shovels. It was important for the city to capture as much financial detail as possible. IntelliTrack also modified the item label and the packing list to include information such as cost center, ledger account and unit cost.

Roderick Scott, an experienced technology business analyst, was the project manager for the city of Orlando. He was impressed by the way IntelliTrack focused on a standard functionality but also recognized that every business has its own unique way of operating. Scott notes, “We had a small custom piece for our reporting but IntelliTrack was able to incorporate it in a way that accommodated us while maintaining the integrity of the product.”


Once there was signoff on the scope of work and programming documents, the IntelliTrack specialists worked with city of Orlando staff to:

  • Install application – 5 weeks
  • Alpha testing – 2 weeks
  • Beta testing – 2 weeks
  • Training – 2 weeks

In order to control the flow of information, an efficient system was developed for IntelliTrack to respond to questions from city staff. All queries or comments and their responses were filtered through the city project manager and the application administrator. This process allowed all stakeholder employees to be involved in the process, but still maintained a clear, focused communication.

Project milestones were all met in a timely manner, allowing the system to go live on March 19, 2014. There were usual minor glitches to work out, but IntelliTrack was immediately responsive and able to resolve the problems.

The Results

IntelliTrack will be adding an average costing functionality to its applications to increase the usefulness of the financial reports for management.

City of Orlando technology professionals are expected to provide efficient, reliable and innovative solutions to city departments. IntelliTrack is proud of being able to support city staff in fulfilling that mission in the area of asset tracking and materials management.