IntelliTrack® Software Updates Completed on June 3, 2018

IntelliTrack® Software Updates Completed on June 3, 2018

IntelliTrack® completed updates to our IntelliTrack® web-based software on Sunday, June 3, 2018. The updates include two new E-Commerce integrations and expanded offerings to our IntelliTrack® Mobile for Android™ app.

IntelliTrack Integrations

IntelliTrack expands its E-Commerce integration offerings with these updates to include:

  • IntelliTrack for BigCommerce®
  • IntelliTrack for WooCommerce®

By linking IntelliTrack and your BigCommerce or WooCommerce store, combine the power of IntelliTrack Inventory with your online store to create one seamless inventory and order management system. Highlights include:

  • Data import from your online store to IntelliTrack
  • End of day inventory processing
  • Order import and export, at preset intervals.

Required IntelliTrack Features

To use our integrations, the user role must include specific features.

IntelliTrack for BigCommerce:

  • Integrate
  • IntelliTrack for BigCommerce or IntelliTrack for BigCommerce Manual Sync

IntelliTrack for WooCommerce:

  • Integrate
  • IntelliTrack for WooCommerce or IntelliTrack for WooCommerce Manual Sync

Installing the Integration

The integration is installed from the IntelliTrack Plugin Host Utility. In IntelliTrack, select Tools > Install Plugin Host Utility to reach this page and download the installer. The integration must be connected to your online store and this connection must be available in order to sync data.


IntelliTrack Mobile for Android App

IntelliTrack Mobile for Android expanded its order options to include picking and receiving orders.

  • Pick line items in the app
  • Receive line items in the app

IntelliTrack Mobile for Android now supports containers:

  • Add a container
  • Add items to a container
  • Add assets to a container
  • Issue a container
  • Pick a container

Installing the App

The app is available from the Download Mobile Application page in IntelliTrack. Download the installer from the Download Mobile Application page and send it to the device. Once saved on the device, click the installer file to install the app. IntelliTrack Mobile for Android supports Android v4.4 and higher.

Please update IntelliTrack Mobile for Windows®

For our IntelliTrack Mobile for Windows users: please be sure to update your IntelliTrack Mobile for Windows application in order to have the latest version of it. The installer for the updated mobile application is found at the Download Mobile Application page in the IntelliTrack web application; select Portable > Download Mobile Application from the menu bar to reach this page. Select the Download button for the make of your device and its corresponding operating system in order to download the new installer. Once the new installer is downloaded to your computer, follow this basic process to update your mobile application:

  1. Make sure that the device is connected to the PC and that a two-way sync partnership between the PC and the device has been established.
  2. For Mobile Batch only, upload any collected data to the main IntelliTrack web application.
  3. Uninstall StratusMobile from the device via the Remove Programs option in your device settings.
  4. Reinstall the updated IntelliTrack Mobile application to the device by opening the installer on your computer and following the prompts in the setup wizard.

NOTE: FOR A REINSTALL, at the Choose Components window in the setup wizard, MARK the Custom install option and UNMARK the .NET Compact Framework and SQL Server Compact Edition checkboxes. This will only install the IntelliTrack Mobile Client. For a reinstallation, this is the recommended option.