IntelliTrack® Software Updates Completed on June 14, 2020

IntelliTrack® Software Updates Completed on June 14, 2020

Updates to IntelliTrack® software were completed on Sunday, June 14, 2020. The updates include new features. Please be sure to check them out!

IntelliTrack Web App

At the Packages Data page, we’ve added a new option to the Field Chooser: Delivered To. When selected, a Delivered To column is added to the grid and information about whom the package was delivered to appears there, when applicable.

IntelliTrack® Mobile for Android™

New mailroom options are available in the app:

  • Signed By option when delivering a package: add a name or other means of identification when delivering a package to a recipient via the Signed By
  • Expected package receive capability: when an expected package is received, you are notified of the package’s “expected” status and the system automatically fills in all the expected package details that are included for it.
  • Dynamic location loading: when adding inventory, performing moves, adding items to orders, or adding packages to the system, select the location from a dynamically loaded location list.

Update Recommendation: Clear Browser Cache

IMPORTANT: To ensure you are using the latest version of IntelliTrack®: Clear the Browser Cache. This will remove any references to the out-of-date buttons, icons, and other graphical features in the web application.

Update IntelliTrack® Mobile

If you use IntelliTrack Mobile for Android™, please update your IntelliTrack app so that you are using the most recent version.

Updating IntelliTrack Mobile for Android™

When updating the IntelliTrack Mobile for Android app, uninstall the current version, download the new installer, and then reinstall the app:

  1. On the device, close the IntelliTrack app and uninstall it.
  2. In the IntelliTrack web app, select MobileDownload Mobile Application.
  3. At the Download Mobile Application page, select the Android installer to download it.
    1. If you have downloaded the installer from somewhere other than your device, send the installer to the device.
  4. On your device, select the new IntelliTrack APKfile to open it.
  5. Next, select the option to install the IntelliTrack app.
  6. Follow the prompts to install the app to the device.