IntelliTrack® Software Updates Completed on April 7, 2019

IntelliTrack® Software Updates Completed on April 7, 2019

IntelliTrack® Software Updates Completed on April 7, 2019

Updates to the IntelliTrack web-based software were completed on Sunday, April 7, 2019.

New Features

The updates include these exciting new features:

  • Email Notifications
  • Manage Items Page Field Chooser
  • Item Image Preview
  • RFID Feature in IntelliTrack Mobile for Android™

Email Notifications

Configure an email notification for designated recipients such as the division contact, site contact, owner, yourself, or additional recipients when the following events occur in IntelliTrack:

  • A new item is added
  • A new picking order is created
  • A new receiving order is created
  • A picking order is closed
  • A receiving order is closed
  • An item’s on hand quantity falls below zero
  • An item’s on hand quantity falls below the reorder threshold
  • The on hand quantity of an item is adjusted

An email notification is set at the User Preferences page when the user role contains the Email Notification feature.

Manage Items Page Field Chooser

Decide on the item information you want to see at the Manage Items page with the page’s new Field Chooser. The Field Chooser lists optional fields including item description, alternate number, item lookups, item attributes, item UDF fields, and item image. Simply select a Field Chooser option and it is placed directly on the page’s grid.

Item Image Preview

Preview a thumbnail of the item image directly on the Manage Items page via the Image option in the Field Chooser.

RFID Feature

IntelliTrack Mobile for Android now includes support for RFID. When RFID is used, track an item by RFID tag number.

Update Recommendations

Perform the following steps to ensure you are using the latest version of IntelliTrack:

  • Clear the browser cache
  • Update IntelliTrack Mobile for Android™
  • Update IntelliTrack Mobile for Windows®

Clear the Browser Cache

Please be sure to clear your browser’s cache in order to remove any references to the out-of-date buttons, icons, and other graphical features in the web application.

Update IntelliTrack Mobile

If you use IntelliTrack Mobile, please update your IntelliTrack Mobile app so that you are using the most recent version.

Updating IntelliTrack Mobile for Android™

When updating the IntelliTrack Mobile for Android app, uninstall the current version, download the new installer, and then reinstall the app:

  1. On the device, close the IntelliTrack app and uninstall it.
  2. In the IntelliTrack web app, select Portable > Download Mobile Application.
  3. At the Download Mobile Application page, select the Android installer to download it.
  4. Send the installer to the device.
  5. On your device, select the IntelliTrack APK file to open it.
  6. Next, select the option to install the IntelliTrack app.
  7. Follow the prompts to install the app to the device.

Updating IntelliTrack Mobile for Windows®

The installer for the updated IntelliTrack Mobile for Windows app is found at the Download Mobile Application page in the IntelliTrack web application; select Portable > Download Mobile Application from the menu bar to reach this page. Select the Download button for the make of your device and its corresponding operating system in order to download the new installer. Once the new installer is downloaded to your computer, follow this basic process to update your mobile application:

  1. Make sure that the device is connected to the PC and that a two-way sync partnership between the PC and the device has been established.
  2. For Mobile Batch only, upload any collected data to the main IntelliTrack web application.
  3. Uninstall StratusMobile from the device via the Remove Programs option in your device settings.
  4. Reinstall the updated IntelliTrack Mobile application to the device by opening the installer on your computer and following the prompts in the setup wizard.

NOTE: FOR A REINSTALL, at the Choose Components window in the setup wizard, MARK the Custom install option and UNMARK the .NET Compact Framework and SQL Server Compact Edition checkboxes. This will only install the IntelliTrack Mobile Client. For a reinstallation, this is the recommended option.