IntelliTrack Helps MCI|AST Reach New Levels of Productivity

MCI|AST provides big companies like Hitachi with customized service solutions to streamline operations at their manufacturing facilities, but they recently found themselves needing a customized solution of their own.

They’ve expanded rapidly in recent years, and they needed an updated inventory management system to help them meet the growing demands of their customers. After all, they can ship millions of parts per month for just one company, so their old fulfillment system that used manual data entry simply wasn’t able to scale as fast as they needed it to. It was time for a digital solution with automation.

They decided to seek a vendor-managed inventory system to set themselves apart from the competition. Visibility for customers and suppliers was a top priority, and they wanted something that their customers could enjoy a great degree of access to in order to simplify interactions.

A Beneficial Partnership

Because it was vital to find a partner who would take the time to really get a feel for their business and how they operate, they turned to IntelliTrack for help with inventory management. IntelliTrack’s software is known for providing useful insights that can be accessed anywhere at any time.

We joined forces to come up with a system for managing inventory that can be accessed as easily on a PC as it is on handheld devices on the warehouse floor. They also wanted to come up with something that their customers and internal team would find easy to use, so IntelliTrack worked with them to rename fields and customize other touchpoints so the system would be instantly recognizable to everyone involved.

The implementation was a success, with IntelliTrack’s automation reducing the need for paperwork and offering new levels of efficiency and productivity. This has given MCI|AST more time to focus on their business at hand. They’ve added ten new suppliers since working with IntelliTrack and are now expanding to a second building to keep up with the demand for their services.

To learn more about how IntelliTrack impacted MCI|AST, read the full case study.