Improved Operations Help Provide an Idyllic Vacation Spot for Thousands of Visitors

The Organization

Jekyll Island, Georgia boasts natural beauty and a vibrant history. In 1947, the Georgia state legislature established this coastal gem as a state park. In 1950, Georgia’s governor created the Jekyll Island Authority (JIA), a self-supporting state agency that is dedicated to preserving Jekyll Island’s past, present, and future.

The Jekyll Island Authority created parameters to protect the island’s ecosystem while ensuring that it remains an inviting destination. The island is a sanctuary for birds and sea turtles among other wildlife, with many eco-experiences for visitors focusing on those efforts. Over the decades, JIA has allowed controlled development so that the public can enjoy the natural habitat of miles of beaches, marshes, and maritime forest.

Jekyll Island welcomes thousands of visitors each year.

In order to accommodate and entertain the thousands of visitors that Jekyll Island draws each year, JIA has approved commercial facilities and amenities that complement the island’s historical sites and structures. Along with the beautiful landscape, visitors can enjoy world-class hotels, golf courses, tennis courts, shops, and restaurants. The island also features campgrounds, picnic areas, and playgrounds for family fun.

The Challenge

Although Jekyll Island offers a serene destination for its many visitors, its infrastructure and facilities require constant attention. The Jekyll Island Authority works tirelessly to maintain the excellent standards of service that its visitors have come to expect. JIA oversees the conservation, development, and management of the island, including day-to-day operations, promotions, and public services for residents and businesses.

Shawna Nazzrie, Jekyll Island Authority’s coordinator of materials and purchasing, manages the warehouse that stores the many supplies, parts, and equipment needed by JIA’s 30 departments. Their inventory is valued at more than $60,000 and consists of a wide range of items from light bulbs and cleaning supplies to plumbing materials and electrical parts.

JIA’s $60,000+ inventory includes a wide range of items.

In order to process the work orders each day, Nazzrie needed an accurate count of inventory on hand, along with precise location information. The organization’s existing system of spreadsheets required manual input and calculations. Data was often incomplete or inaccurate, leading to lost items, inventory shortages, and project delays.

The existing spreadsheet system yielded inaccurate data, although the organization’s budget required careful inventory monitoring.

The organization’s budget presented an additional challenge. As a self-sufficient agency, every dollar is crucial to JIA’s cash flow. The financial burden of purchasing required that inventory was carefully monitored and that funds were not spent unnecessarily. It was also important that the inventory process did not result in surpluses or shortages that could require costly emergency purchases.

The Solution

Recognizing the need for a more accurate, up-to-date inventory system, the Jekyll Island Authority sought the expertise of IntelliTrack. After taking the time to understand the organization’s challenges and needs, the IntelliTrack team recommended IntelliTrack Inventory, an user-friendly, comprehensive inventory management solution.

IntelliTrack Inventory is a web-based software solution that provides a variety of useful features for the Jekyll Island Authority, such as automatic updates, scanning capabilities, physical counts, detailed tracking data, standard and customized reporting, and accounting software integration.

Comprehensive Features to Meet JIA’s Needs

  • Web-based platform
  • Secure cloud storage
  • Mobile computer compatible
  • Barcode scanning technology
  • Real-time and batch data syncing
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Detailed inventory data
  • Exact locations
  • QuickBook integration
  • Advanced training options
  • Implementation assistance
  • Free tech support

JIA implemented IntelliTrack Inventory in October 2014. After implementation, IntelliTrack provided software training for Nazzrie and worked with her to create customized reports, including a daily list. After reassessing JIA’s needs, Nazzrie also worked with IntelliTrack to create customized barcodes at a larger size to help her scan more efficiently.

Nazzrie uses both the IntellITrack web-based platform on her desktop computer and the mobile software on a handheld device. The flexibility of the desktop and handheld platforms have allowed her to gain deeper insights into JIA’s inventory needs and increase efficiency as she scans items coming into and leaving the warehouse.

Recently, three new departments — a gift shop, a retail village, and the conservation program — have all begun using the services provided by Nazzrie and the warehouse team. With IntelliTrack Inventory, Nazzrie was easily able to add new items to their system and account for the increased volume in overall inventory.

The Results

Overall, IntelliTrack helped the Jekyll Island Authority increase operational efficiencies with accurate data updated in real-time. Accurate data allowed JIA to process work orders more quickly without wasting time searching for essential items, leading to an increase in overall productivity as well. The software also helped them develop more agile, cost-effective purchasing procedures by providing insights into cyclical trends and optimal stock levels.

IntelliTrack Inventory gave the Jekyll Island Authority confidence in their inventory process. Scanning functionality allowed them to increase efficiency and the continuously updated inventory gave them much needed insight into their inventory levels. By establishing minimum and maximum stock levels, Nazzrie simplified her reordering process and is now able to avoid costly surpluses and shortages.

I really like IntelliTrack. From the excellent training session to the willing response to my requests, they have been there for me.
— Shawna Nazzrie, Jekyll Island Authority

Updated inventory information along with detailed locations also helped JIA improve their workflows. They no longer have to combat the challenge of delayed work orders due to misplaced or out of stock items. The continuous updates are also helpful for their accounting team, who are now able to use complete, accurate, and timely data to manage day-to-day expenses and long-term projections.

The IntelliTrack team is dedicated to providing complete client satisfaction and looks forward to continuing their excellent relationship with the Jekyll Island Authority. IntelliTrack’s flexible solutions are completely scalable, meaning that JIA can explore additional options and features if the organization expands or if their needs change.