A Guide to Multi-Channel Inventory Management

A Guide to Multi-Channel Inventory Management

It’s no secret that there has been a huge shift towards multi-channel marketing. Having multiple shopping options is important so that your most valuable costumers can purchase whenever and however they please, but successful multi-channel ecommerce is more complicated than simply listing products on a few different platforms.

Many problems can arise with having your products listed on multiple platforms— being out-of-stock, losing money due to overstocking, increasing delays and increasing cancellations due to inefficient fulfillment processes. Multi-channel inventory management software is a must if you want to keep your ecommerce business running smoothly.

Benefits of Multi-Channel Inventory Management Software

Easily Synchronize Inventory Across Channels
– It’s almost impossible to run a business without knowing what inventory is located where and having multiple channels makes this even more of a challenge. Integrating inventory management software allows merchants to sync inventory, improve sales, and reduce the time spent in managing inventory.

Avoid Overselling and Out of Stock
– Pushing out product is key when running an online business. You need to have the right amount of inventory so you don’t run out of product, but also make sure it doesn’t sit on a shelf for too long. Having an inventory management solution can help prevent stock-outs by setting reminders and placing automatic re-orders once stock reaches a certain level. They can also scale-up during a holiday or busy season.

An Inventory Management Solution That Works

Fortunately, we offer IntelliTrack Inventory, an inventory management software that allows business owners to easily track, manage and organize inventory sales, purchases, and production across all channels. IntelliTrack Inventory also seamlessly integrates with other software and platforms including Shopfiy.

With IntelliTrack Inventory, it’s simple to manage your inventory location and quantities. We also offer IntelliTrack Mobile, which allows you to track inventory receipt, movement, and order fulfillment with barcode scanning in real time. Know your inventory quantities and locations all of the time so you can minimize operational overhead and maximize customer satisfaction. In addition, you can rRun reports and print barcode labels directly from IntelliTrack Inventory.

This blog was based of an article by Shopify. Read full article here.