Getting More Out of Existing Space in 3PLs

As available warehouse space continues to decrease nationally and new construction fails to keep up, 3PLs find themselves in a difficult position. Those that are able to make the most of their available footprint, however, will be able to set themselves apart from the competition. After all, those that have more space to offer clients can take advantage of the most opportunities. What are some ways to get more out of what you already have?

One way to better utilize your existing space is by using mezzanines and pick modules. Mezzanines have a lot of benefits, chief among them the fact that they don’t consume any new utilities or require an expansion. They are a lot cheaper than a new building and easier to code as well. They can be used as process areas, bulk storage areas, or value-added service areas. They enable you to double-stack your space, and they can be accessed easily with the help of incline conveyors, vertical lifts, and spiral conveyors.

Similarly, you need to look into making use of any vertical space in the warehouse that is empty. Even a bay or two on top of the top level of your rack can end up adding hundreds of new pallet positions to your warehouse.

Warehouse Design Changes

You might also consider decreasing the width of your rack aisles if possible. This makes it easy to improve your warehouse’s storage density. Taking into account factors such as safety, equipment costs, space utilization, and flexibility, it is sometimes possible to find a way to reduce rack aisle width while saving process time.

Sometimes an entire warehouse redesign is in order to help squeeze the most storage capacity and efficiency out of existing space. This is a very big endeavor but is often worth it if there are several areas that need solutions.

By making improvements to your warehouse – even small ones – you can find some extra space and help give your business a boost.

This blog post was based off of an article from Cisco-Eagle. View the original here.